Fitness Test Directions


Norwin School District Fitness Test



  • Curl ups: 1 minute….done on a mat with the feet off the mat, knees bent and hands slide along the mat until they reach the edge of the mat/back of their heels and the student's posterior 10 inches from the end of the mat.  A partner will hold their feet and count out loud each time the hands touch the edge of the mat/back of the heels.  If the correct form is broken the curl up will not count.
  • Push ups: 1 minute…90° bend in arms…chest will touch the foam pad on the push-up mat.  If correct form is not maintained the push up will not count.  Legs may not touch, etc.  The student may restart and continue.  We are working on a piece of equipment to maintain the proper form. 
  • 40 yard shuttle run…Students will have two attempts, keeping the best score/time.  This is a timed event.  On signal they will run down pick up one shuttle and run back and pivot on the starting line and place the shuttle on the ground.  They will then run down and get the second shuttle and run through the starting line holding the shuttle.  
  • Sit and reach: The students will sit on the ground with their feet underneath the sit and reach box. They may not bend their knees and they must keep one hand on top of their other hand reaching out as far as they can. The student must hold the stretch for a full 3 count. The farthest distance out of three tries will be recorded.
  • Pacer test:  The teacher will be given a CD…This test starts slowly and picks up speed.  Volleyball court markings are used to measure, 60 feet.  Students will go the distance one way and then stop.  They must make the distance before the music stops or they hear a beep.  They continue doing this back and forth and count the number of repetitions.  They are done if they can’t make the distance before the beep or the music stops.
  • Standing Long Jump or Broad Jump:  Students will stand behind a line with both feet and then try to jump out and forward as far as they can.  Both feet need to leave the ground and the same time and then land on the ground at the same time.  The body part that lands on the ground closest to the jump line will be the distance that is measured.  The farthest distance measured out of three tries is the one that is recorded.  If a student goes across the line on their jump for a fault, that counts for one of their jumps.  If a student fails to follow both feet leaving the ground and both feet landing on the ground at the same time, that distance does not count.
  • 50 Yard Dash:  Students will have two attempts to run the 50 yard dash.  The faster of the two runs will be recorded.
  • Soccer:  Dribble around 3 cones each 10 feet away from each other and then dribble back through to the start line and step on the soccer ball to stop the timer.  The fastest of the three tries will be recorded.  If a cone is missed time will not count.
  • Basketball off the Wall:  Standing 3 feet away from the wall the student must perform a push pass with the basketball to the wall and catch it.  The student will repeat it over and over again until the 30 seconds time limit is up.  The teacher will count out loud for each ball that is pushed correctly against the wall and that is caught.  If the basketball is dropped, that number is not counted.  The student can pick the ball back up and continue where they left off.