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Class Syllabus - Kindergarten

Dear Parents/Guardians,


My name is Jason Giuliana, and I am the physical education teacher for the upcoming school year.  This year I will be teaching all of the students here at Stewartsville and Sunset Valley.  I am at Sunset Valley on days 1, 2, and 3; and I am at Stewartsville on days 4, 5, 6.  During the course of the year, the students will participate in a variety of activities including individual sports and team sports.  Throughout the year, each student will have the opportunity to grow and develop not only as a student, but also as a physically fit child.  Below I have some information on topics that relate to the physical education class and activities during the school year.  If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.  You can call me at Stewartsville 724.861.3030 extension 1854 or at Sunset Valley 724.861.3035 extension 1954 or email me at [email protected] .


Web Site


The elementary physical education teachers have implemented a website to post different information about games, fitness test grading scales, and general information about classes. 

More detailed criteria are found on the website. 


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With all the activities that we do in Phys. Ed., either inside or outside, the students must have proper footwear to participate in class.  For the purpose of safety, students will have to sit out of the day’s activity if they do not have the proper footwear for safety.  The children should wear a sneaker with a non-marking sole.  The sneaker should cover the entire foot.  Students can wear athletic type sneakers that are Velcro, slip-ons, or ones that tie.  Other type of footwear will not be permitted.  Please practice tying shoe laces with your children so they can tie the laces tight and can retie them if they come undone.  Also have your children wear socks with their sneakers to prevent blisters from occurring.  Sneakers should have an athletic bottom to them, with no moveable parts.  Athletic footwear for physical education class must be good for all types of motion moving forward, backwards, and sideways, jumping and landing, and starting and stopping.  Please keep these guidelines in mind when shopping for your children’s shoes.  Students can always bring a pair of sneakers to school and change into them for PE class in the morning if they wear some other type of footwear to school.  Students can also leave a pair of sneakers at school if they choose and store them in their cubby.




With all the movement that the children will be doing, please try to have them wear loose fitting clothes to school.  Dresses or skirts are nice dress clothes but are not recommended to be worn on gym days.  Skorts are ok to wear but do not allow full movement.  Weather permitting we will go outside for class, so the students may want to have shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt.  If it is a little chilly outside in the morning, the students can bring out a light weight jacket or long sleeve t-shirt to wear.  In the colder months when we are inside they can take off any sweatshirts, sweaters, or long sleeve t-shirts and place them off to the side when they get too warm.  If your children wear earrings, please make sure they are studs or small hoop rings.  Big hoops and long dangling earrings can be dangerous by getting caught on the jerseys the students wear.  The jerseys are used to identify the different teams that the students are on during the games we play in class.  Please follow the school district’s dress code policy when dressing your children for school and the daily activities in which they will be participating.



The students are always encouraged to try their best every day on every activity they participate in during gym class.  If they are not feeling well they can sit out and observe the class or/and they can have the nurse check them out to see if they are okay.  If your child would happen to see a doctor or physician during the course of the school year due to an injury and cannot participate in a regular physical education class, please send in that doctor’s note to school.  We will make a copy for the nurse and for my records and follow the doctor’s recommendation for physical activity.  If the doctor’s note says not able to participate until cleared by a physician, then we need that doctor’s note clearing them to resume activities.   If your child is ill or became injured at home and you do not want your child to participate, please send in a note for that class and he/she can sit out.  If more than one class will be missed (if they are present in class but cannot participate) due to an injury or an illness we will need a doctor’s excuse. 


Eating Healthy and Being Active


This year the students will be taught health in the classroom by the classroom teacher one day out of the six day cycle.  The curriculum will cover a wide variety of topics.


With childhood obesity on the rise and children being less active, parents and school staff need to work together in an attempt to help stop the current tend and reverse it.  A simple step to a healthier diet is to eat a plentiful serving of fruits and vegetables along with the correct serving size of the other food groups to supply the body with the proper nutrients.  Drinking plenty of water over drinks loaded with sugars (pop and fountain drinks) is also recommended.   We encourage the students at school to select fruits and vegetables to supplement the main entrée for lunch.  Children should be active for at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week.  Encourage your children to go outside and play the games learned in gym class with other children in the neighborhood.


We would like the students to follow a few steps to try prevent the spread of germs over the course of the school year in an attempt to keep everyone healthy.  Encourage your children to wash their hands with soap and warm water before eating any foods, after they are done playing, after going to the bathroom, and after they blow their nose or cough.  Also remind your children if they start coughing to cough into their elbow when they bend their arm towards their mouth. 





The students will be graded based on their participation level on the various activities and games that we will play during class.  The students can lose participation points due to behavior, lack effort, and not following directions.  Following directions is a big thing at this level.  Also part of the grade is based on displaying a positive attitude, sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation.


Beginning this year, it is the expectation that kindergarten students who demonstrate a basic understanding of what is taught in Physical Education class will receive a satisfactory (S) grade each time they attend class.  If a student shows advanced understanding of the skill or topic addressed in class, participates regularly, behaves well, and helps others, they will earn an outstanding (O) grade for the class period.  Students who show little understanding, do not participate, or misbehave can earn a needs improvement (N) or unsatisfactory (U) grade each time.  This is a district procedure and it has been discussed with both Physical Education teachers, fellow itinerants, and the building principals.  If you have any questions, please contact me.



I look forward to an enjoyable and successful year in physical education with your children.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.