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Third Grade : Mr. Paladin

Welcome to the third grade! My name is Larry Paladin and I am a math, science, and health teacher here at Sunset Valley Elementary.   I have listed a few notes below for you to see.


  1. Message Center


I will be using the skyward message center on a regular basis this school year.  The daily homework will be posted, and I will also post other important information.  If you need to sign up for family access, just go to and follow the prompts on the left-hand side.


  1. Homework


Students will have homework on most days.  The homework will be available through the message center. 



  1. Classroom Rules


The rules in the classroom are as follows:

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Stay in your own space
  • Raise your hand to speak





  1. Students Supplies


These are a few things that many students have found useful over the years:


-number 2 pencils


-2 single subject spiral notebooks (one for ELA with Mrs. Saras and one for math and science)


-markers or crayons


-a pencil box to keep materials in


-dry erase markers and something to erase them with (eraser, felt, etc.)



  1. Contacting Me


If you need to contact me, email is an effective communication tool. I can be reached at







Mr. Paladin